5 Reasons Why You Should Elope


Elopements are, simply put, awesome!! The idea of a big, elaborate wedding isn’t everyones cup of tea. I get it! If you are wanting a wedding day that is memorable and an experience that you will literally remember forever – then you should elope! I have been a part of many elopements during my time as a photographer and each and every single one of them are so unique from each other. Truly, every day I get to be a part of holds a special place in my heart.

When I think about why people should elope – many come to mind. I narrowed it down to my top 5 reasons why you should 100% decide to elope if you are looking for a life-changing experience and an unforgettable adventure with your loved one!

1. Focus on Just the Two of You

Many couples decide to forgo the traditional large wedding and elope instead. The biggest reason of all is that just want to be able to have it be all about them and be able to truly personalize their day exactly how they want it! And deciding to elope is exactly how you can make that happen!

More and more couples really want one of the biggest days of their lives to be focused on their authentic love. They want to be able to soak up every single moment of their adventure and cherish the love between the two. Honestly, it’s no surprise that this is the number 1 reason why you should elope! It just makes sense!

2. Create a Timeless Adventure

If you decide to elope you can literally elope anywhere in the world!! Eloping gives you the opportunity to explore somewhere new and special to you! Usually when couples decide to elope it is because they value experiences and being adventurous over material items.

Think about your elopement like this… Are you wanting to frolic on the beach? Do it! Are you wanting to do a 5 mile hike before your ceremony? Definitely do it! Are you wanting to be in the mountains of Yosemite? Heck yes, let’s do it! Do you want to travel across the world to Postiano, Almafi Coast, Italy and have your ceremony on the black sand beach? Do it! The options are endless and entirely up to you!! And that, truly is the best part! Plus, being able to choose anywhere in the world to elope means you can simultaneously have your honeymoon at the same destination. Sounds like a win, win to me!

3. Focus On The Important Vendors & Details

This is a huge reason why eloping is the way to go! People want to focus on the more important things than the non-essential! When you are planning your day you can put your money towards the most important parts of your wedding day, like your photographer or videographer!

Plus, when you don’t have the pressure to make sure you include every single item into your wedding day because it is expected from you, you get to actually have fun with the wedding planning. My rule of thumb is to create a list of everything that you think you want to have on your wedding day and cross of the items that are just not that important to you. Then, once you do this, you will be able to hone in on the most important parts! And book your dream photographer too! Like me!

4. Less Drama and Less Stress

When you decide to do a traditional wedding there is a lot of planning and drama that comes along with it! Not only do you need to worry about yourself but you also have to worry about all the guests! If you don’t want to worry about: if you should have a bridal party or not, what your guest count is going to be, how are you going to feed everyone, how much alcohol you will need, etc., then deciding to elope is the best idea for you!

Don’t worry, planning an elopement still gives you the ability to make it your own and pull inspiration from Pinterest just in a way less stressful way! Eliminate the drama and stress of planning a traditional wedding by eloping. But, don’t get me wrong, planning can still be stressful regardless of the big traditional wedding or the small adventure elopement so if you are looking for a way to have planning be completely stress free, then you should hire me!

5. A Big Wedding Isn’t For You

A big wedding isn’t for everyone – and that’s ok! A lot of couples families might have completely different traditions than your own which makes it difficult to have everyone involved. Some couples don’t like being the center of attention and having all eyes on them. If this sounds like you, you should consider eloping!

It is ok to do what you and your partner want and not focus on anyone else’s needs (because that’s exactly how it should be!). Choosing to go the small wedding route is a great idea if that reflect what your relationship is about! The best part is that if you want a small group of close friends or family to join you can do that too! Decide on who you want there, where you want it to be and how big of a wedding you want because it makes you happy. Focusing on what makes you happy makes the decisions easier for you! Plus, smaller weddings are COVID approved!

If eloping sounds like the perfect option for you and your partner then let’s make it official! It’s time to ditch the regular tradition wedding and not care what people think! Ready? Fill out my contact form to make it official!

Convinced to have an elopement, but not sure where? Check out my list of the best places to elope in California.

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