Romantic Lovers’ Lane San Francisco Forest Engagement Photos

I had so much fun capturing Dilan and Stephen’s romantic Lovers’ Lane San Francisco forest engagement photos! Lovers’ Lane trail is the perfect spot if you’re looking for an enchanting woodsy forest engagement type of session because of its tall trees and surrounding lush greenery! It really makes for the perfect backdrop. Lovers’ Lane actually got its name back in the 18th century because soldiers used to walk this exact trail to meet their lovers in town! It’s also known to be the oldest footpath in Presidio Park!

Dilan & Stephens Romantic Lover’s Lane San Francisco Forest Engagement Photos

These two actually met during the proposal night of their friends! Stephen’s best friend named Eric was going to propose to Dilan’s best friend Michelle’s older sister Stephanie. Michelle had asked Dilan to help set up the proposal night, so she was there to do that. After Eric proposed to Stephanie, all of their friends and family came to celebrate. That’s when Dilan first laid eyes on Stephen! They didn’t end up exchanging numbers that night, but instead, they ran into each other at Fleet Week in the same group of mutual friends and started dating thereafter.

After getting over sickness in January of 2022, Stephen had asked Dilan to dress up since they had been stuck in the house for a while. He rented a boat on Alameda Marina accompanied by champagne and music and proposed to Dilan on the boat! Soooo romantic!

Ready For Your Own Romantic Engagement Session? Let Me Tag Along!

If you’re ready for your own romantic engagement session next, then let’s do it together! I would love to capture your sweet love story and get to know you and your fiance! Whether it’s a Lovers Lane San Francisco forest engagement, beach engagement photos, or someplace else that’s unique and sentimental to you, I’m down! You can learn more about me here. If you think I’d be the perfect photographer for you, then inquire with me here!

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Come see more of these Lovers’ Lane San Francisco forest engagement photos below!

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