Rolling Hills Engagement at Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

A stunning hidden gem location in Livermore!

Being able to be a part of Gwen and Brent’s engagement photos at Morgan Territory Regional Preserve was so fun! They are the sweetest couple and we enjoyed each others company so much! The views, the GIFs, the mountain, the backdrop and intimate yet fun moments all played into creating a magical day for them! Come take a look and see why this location is one of my favorites to shoot at in the Bay Area!

Playful and Intimate Engagement Session

In my opinion, a fun, playful and intimate engagement photoshoot is the best kind of session! During this session we were laughing the entire time! I honestly don’t even remember what we were talking about because we were having so much fun and being playful. One of the best parts is that Gwen and Brent were open to trying fun things which made for some really cute GIFs that I was able to create. They even brought a bottle of champagne and we popped it during our session! They even included cute lanterns for some low light shots. It was epic.

couple hugging during engagement photos at preserve

Rolling Hills Hidden Gem at Morgan Territory Regional Preserve

This amazing location, Morgan Territory Regional Preserve, is located in the Bay Area of Livermore and it truly is a hidden gem. During Gwen and Brent’s session we had the perfect weather the entire time. We got lucky and timed it perfectly because the next day a BIG storm was coming in. We loved the scenery and when the sun hit parts of the mountain in the distance when we were all shaded. The full grass mountain created magical backdrops and lots of variety to their day. We loved utilizing the huge tree to bring more texture and variety to their photos too. My vote is to definitely come visit this location if you are looking for a beautiful hike or if you are looking to take couples photos! It really is the perfect location to do either!

Michelle Angeli | California Wedding, Elopement & Couples Photographer

Come see the rest of this beautiful day filled with laughs, intimate moments and GIFs!

If you are ready to create magic together with a beautiful backdrop like this and have lots of fun then reach out and let’s make it happen! Fill out my contact form and we can plan your perfect day together!

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