Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Do A First Look On Your Wedding Day

A sweet intimate moment shared between lovers!

Doing a first look on your wedding day is an amazing idea. This is because of these 5 reasons below and because it creates a special moment between bride and groom. Think of this moment together as creating an extra bond between the two of you (and your photographer and videographer) that you will be able to cherish forever!

The best part about first looks is that it is your time! You can do exactly what you want during that time with all the privacy and intimate moments in the world. Normally, in traditional weddings, you won’t have a lot of time by yourselves once all the festivities start. Doing a first look means you get more intimate moments to share together. Plus, having that intimate moment alone is SO nice!

If you are on the edge between deciding to do a first look or not then this is a must read! First looks are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons! Here are my top 5 to help you make the best decision for you and your partner:

Helps With Logistics

You will get a lot of photos done before the ceremony giving you more time to enjoy the party and not have to worry about photo formalities! This will benefit your guests! They don’t have to be delayed by any photos that may take longer. You can also enjoy time at your cocktail our that you have planned. Simply put, it’s easier, simpler and allows for more time to celebrate with all your friends and family!

The Lighting

The perfect lighting is one of the best parts of doing a first look! If your ceremony time is later in the day then you will lose sun a lot quicker which means less time to capture photos of you and your partner. When you decided to choose to do a first look on your wedding day you don’t have to worry about the light still being out because it happens before the ceremony even starts. Plus, you will be able to have your photos taken in different types of lighting – during your first look and for sunset photos!

Stress Release

If you are the type of person that gets nervous around crowds or doesn’t really enjoy being the center of attention then doing a first look is a great option for you! Everyone has so many nerves and emotions before the wedding and seeing your partner before the ceremony helps you relax and calm the nerves! Plus, it is a great way to feel more comfortable for all the fun ceremony and reception activities.


First looks are really sweet moments for photos! This will be a practice run before the ceremony to see how you react when your partner walks down the aisle! Almost every time, right after the first look there have been incredible moments at the ceremony when the bride walks down the aisle. It definitely will not ruin any emotional moments you were hoping to get when at the altar, you will still be emotional then, too! Trust me!

The Hair, Makeup & Flowers

You put a lot of time, energy and money into all of the hair, makeup and flowers meaning doing a first look will make sure that everything is being utilized at peak performance! The first look will take place soon after your hair and makeup are complete. The weather probably hasn’t changed the freshness of the flowers so it is a nice clean fresh starting point! The weather, nerves, sweats, and other out of control things do take a toll over the course of the day so you will typically look the best during this time! A total win win situation!

Ready to Create Your Epic First Look On Your Wedding Day? Let’s Do It!

Remember that doing a first look can be in any way that you want it to be in! In any format you would like. A first look can look like a tap on the shoulder, both back to back, hiding behind a structure or building, blind folded, the possibilities are endless and you can 100% be creative with it!

First looks are at the top of my recommendations for all of my couples because of every reason listed above! Curious or have questions about what your first look could look like or want to chat more about if a first look is a good fit for you and your partner? I am your gal! When you inquire with me in my contact form you can state that you are on the fence about doing a first look and would love to chat more about this process! I can’t wait to be a part of your day however it may be whether it be in Northern California or beyond!

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